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You can post anything you want. Just keep the following guidelines in mind:

Don't post Illegal Content.
Pornographic materials (drawn or real) involving minors, animals and violence are prohibited
CW stuff that is NSFW
Be excellent to each other, don't be a dick.
If someone asks you to leave them alone, please respect that.
Bots are allowed, but only if they post mainly unlisted and don't take up too much resources.
The Main Languages are German and English, please don't post in diffrent languages as it is almost impossible for me to understand. :D

This instance is hosted in Germany, so german law and regulations of the european union applies here.

If you post stuff that doesn't comply with those laws and regulations, i have to take action. This might include deleting posts, deleting accounts up to reports to the authorities.

All Federation Restrictions are publicly viewable on this Page.
I only block, silence or media block Instances or Users if they post stuff that could get me in trouble. However i will always be transparent and willing to talk about it.

And now have fun. :)