@vel from 0-10 how many points would you give this pic?

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@bluecat Difficult..
Art skill? Pretty high, 8-9 for what it is maybe?
Personally? Not my cup of tea, so no rating :blobfoxbreadsnoot2googly:
@bluecat Wait did you draw that?
Less hair and age would be my blend :blobfoxteamlem:

@vel >Wait did you draw that?
hahahahaha I wish,
maybe one day.

@vel >Less hair and age would be my blend
good to know :blobcatfingerguns:

@Talloran @vel still a long way to go, until then I will look up to the sky yearningly

@bluecat @vel you can reach that goal if you're determined. and i think you are!

@Talloran @vel :blobcat3c: at first it won’t look good, but I will get better and better.

@bluecat @vel not sure. most important is quality for me. straight and lesbian preferably. but gay is good aswell. also furry wouldn't hurt ;)

@vel @maximilia woah that shouldn’t be an insult just a discovery

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